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Volume 5 - Edition 36
March 20, 2020

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Need a make-over?
Get your Signature Style @ Madhubhan Resort & Spa

Dedicated to your good looks, the Signature Salon at Madhubhan Resort and Spa is one beauty salon even the most protective of their beauty secrets can’t keep to themselves.

At Madhubhan Resort & Spa, luxury, beauty and rejuvenation go hand in hand. Nestled amidst the breathtakingly beautiful resort, the Signature Salon is a beautifully decorated, naturally lit milieu which offers a host of beauty regimes to the guests and to those who want to relax and socialise at the beautifully landscaped Madhubhan Resort & Spa, an ideal getaway from the concrete jungle.

The Signature Salon is a unisex salon which offers hair-cuts, hair washes, blow drying, hair styling and colouring, protein and hair fall treatments along with deep conditioning and Hair Spa treatments. Apart from treading, waxing and bleaching, the Signature Spa also caters to Beauty Services like simple & bridal make-ups, make-overs for brides & grooms and bridal henna application in the typical Gujarati Style.

So walk into the Signature Salon at Madhubhan for a French or Mini manicure and pedicure along with funky nail art and henna tattoos. Come experience a magical make over where the warm staff will make sure that every time you walk through the doors you get exactly the hair and spa care you desire, in a relaxing environment and with great beauty services and pamper packages.