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Volume 5 - Edition 36
March 20, 2020

Wedding location

Congratulations! You have decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Just imagine, family, friends and a perfect place to commit yourself to the one you love. To be the most memorable day of your life, it should also be fun, free of responsibilities and deeply romantic. As wedding organizer that's where we come in. Our resort is at beautiful location in India for marriages that conform to Royal style ideally suited for celebrities.

Our job at Madhubhan is to simply make your wedding memorable. If there are options that you wish to include we will help incorporate these into your wedding day, leaving nothing to chance, but everything to your imagination. Your marriage ceremony will be carefully coordinated to create an event that is uniquely personal to you both and one that will perfectly set the tone for a long and happy life together.

Request a call back to allow us help you realize your dream wedding at Madhubhan.

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wedding ceremony

For Wedded Couple
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Romantic Dinner by the pool or Lotus Pond
  • Romantic  bath set-up
  • Hair & beauty treatment at Madhubhan Signature Salon
  • Couple Spa therapy
  • Early morning nature walk

For Wedding Group
  • Yoga sessions
  • Hair & beauty treatments at Madhubhan Signature Salon
  • Spa Therapies
  • Local Sightseeing
  • Game of Water Volleyball
  • Night Bazaar
  • Fun Team building exercises