Bake A Cake
Bake A Cake
Bakery & Confectionery Shop

Your “sweet” mood is soothed over the aroma of freshly baked breads and delicately finished cakes & pastries in our Bakery & Confectionery by highly skilled and experienced chefs, is displayed at ‘Bake A Cake’ located in the Lobby.

Warm bread rolls, plaited loaves, hot buns, delicate pastries, pretty cupcakes, showstopper desserts, to name a few are tastefully and innovatively curated for your fairyland bakery experience.

Your celebrations, birthdays, anniversary, or any event day, we bake your cake adding the personal touch with the warmth of love. We just don’t bake it, we design your cake beyond your imagination.

: Lobby Level
: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm


Our Guests Say

One Word to begin, will say “EXCELLENT”

No whatso ever complaint, Being abroad for last 25 years, I can say madhubhan Resort & Spa can be compared with abroad resorts. Well done to the owners. Hatts Off!!!

Atul & Mala Thaker