Chai Bar
Chai Bar
Chai Bar

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.” ― Douglas Adams
“Gujarat ni Cha” a world famous statement for tea is justified at excellence in original taste at Chai Pakoda ni Laari, specially composed for your heart contending fills on snacks, in lush greenery. A combination of chai and Pakoda is a love together. At Chai Pakoda ni Laari, enjoy your tea time with a variety of delicious and crispy golden fried Mogo a delicacy from Africa, Kasturi onion bhajiya with green chutney, mixed vegetable bhajiya with chutney, dalvada with fried chillies, sliced onions and lots more. The ever-inviting weekend authentic Gujarati combo will excite you to come back constantly to savor the everlasting taste of its own. Supremacy is having that evening of ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ sitting under the canopy of Mango and Chickoo trees, in the midst of verdant greenery.

: Near Lotus Pond
: Chai with assorted Pakoras
: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Our Guests Say

We had heard about this Resort when we were in England but it was not easy to find out about it on the internet. We are glad that we persevered and managed to locate the details. We were looking for a 5star hotel in Gujarat following a tour of Delhi and Rajasthan so that we could relax in peaceful and pleasant surroundings and enjoy the famous Gujarati food! This Resort provided just what we wanted. We have spent a most enjoyable 4 days here and now feel calm and relaxed after our busy schedule. The surroundings and accommodation are some of the best we have seen in India. The quality of service is truly remarkable and all the staff has been friendly, polite and went out of their way to be helpful. It is impossible to pick out just one for commendation although Soniya from the front desk has been amazingly helpful overall kinds of things-such as funding information, making appointments and offering sound advice on various visits and shopping trips. We have received personal service in the 24Seven-The Coffee Shop where all staff were fantastic, especially the Gujarati chef who made fresh Jalebi for us each morning. The sport coach and yoga teacher also offered first class support.

Our whole stay has been fantastic and we will certainly spread the word about the Resort among friends in England and ask our travel agent in Delhi to put it into his portfolio. We travel all over the world and always stay in 5star hotels so we have a very well informed opinion.

Jayanti & Susan Mistry - Review from - England