Kouzina - Italian Mediterranean Bistro

With the Italian Classics steeped in traditions, Kouzina-Italian and Mediterranean Bistro at Madhubhan savours a perfectly balanced symphony of Italian and Mediterranean flavors.

Our menu offers numerous pastas, salads and vegetable dishes that is a sure treat for any vegetarian. Apart from pastas, pizzas and raviolis, Kouzina specializes in serving Calzone, Arabic Meze, Focaccia, Eggplant Parmesan, Moussaka, Gnocchi and of course the Madhubhan signature cheese chilly pizza cooked in wood fired oven and also some exotic dips like pesto, marinara, garlic butter and sundried tomato.

The authentic Italian and Mediterranean Sunday brunch at Kouzina is a never miss affair that is extremely popular amongst the food lovers.
: Beside Zamkudi Gom Cottages
: Italian & Mediterranean
: 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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Our Guests Say

We had been guests at the Madhubhan last weekend and we have nothing but praises for the hotel. We have had a great time.. and thats putting it mildly. The staff was extremely courteous, and when I say this I don’t just mean the managerial level. The respect and the courtesy offered to us trickled down to the waiters and the the watchmen and even the trainees. This place was highly recommended to us by Mr.Rushikesh Zatakia, and true to his word, this was indeed an unforgettable experience.

We were told to treat this place as our home. The airline that we arrived in had not loaded one of our bag, as a result we were one bag short. We waited a whole day for the bag, but being Rakshabandhan, the airline was not able to deliver the bag. When we talked about this with Mr.Nimit, asking for a place to shop for a few personal accessories and some clothes, he immediately told us that even if we wanted to go to the airport (ahmedabad airport, which is 1.5hrs) from the hotel, it would be done. but he told us to wait for a few hours, in case the airlines has dispatched the bag, and true to his word the bag came. But what we really wanted to share with you , is the fact that everytime he saw us, he would personally walk up to us and enquire about the bag. We understand that he didn’t have to do it more than once, which would be his courtesy. But specially coming up to ask about our welfare repeatedly just shows his concern. It was just a very nice gesture on his part. From the chef to the spa, everyone had been instructed of our arrival. People knowing you by name, in a place that you are visiting for the first time is a lovely feeling. We had the pleasure of experiencing this feeling time and again.

We would also like to thank Mr. Mukesh Dave and Mr.Jagrut Mehta who were with us from the time we entered till the time we departed. Mr.Dave had specifically instructed Mr.Mehta to see to us in his absence. On the morning of our departure, Mr.Dave made sure he was present. And we also carried home gifts to remind us of the warmth and the deep care that we felt from everyone at the Madhubhan. Thank you very much for making us a part of your family. Special thanks to all the staff. We look forward to a repeated association with you.

Kind regards,

Nishi Doshi - Review from - Mumbai