Patellis – Pizza Bar
Patellis – Pizza Bar
Patellis - Pizza Bar

Patelli’s Pizza Bar is all about bringing you the best farm fresh Pizzas. On the offer is deliciously crafted, hand tossed, wood fired pizza made with farm fresh vegetables and a special blend of cheese.

Located in the heart of Madhubhan, Patelli’s Pizza Bar is an open-air Pizzeria located in Khao Gali, offering a to seat under the natural canopy of chikku and Mango trees, with a view to the infinity pool. Be it a meal, or a snack, Patelli’s Pizza Bar is your perfect option to satiate your hunger pangs, especially during the late afternoon tea-time.

Relish the classic Margherita and Patelli’s special pizza, all served with your choice of toppings with a blend of selected mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan cheese.

Come, indulge yourself with your family and friends, and pamper your taste buds at Patelli’s Pizzas – an interactive, authentic Italian open-air setting, set amongst serenity and the true pizza flavor.

: Khau Gali
: 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

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Our Guests Say

Dis one’s to thank you for arranging the program so beautifully.
I heard about the cake and the bouquet and the special greetings from the band and everyone else on the team.
Mom and Dad loved it..
And I and Munir wanna thank you all for being so supportive and making it happen.

Thanx a ton..

Sakshi Majithia, Munir Patel