The Banyan Tree
The Banyan Tree
The Banyan Tree The Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Madhubhan offers a tranquil oasis at the Multi Cuisine Restaurant savoring à la carte dinner options in charming splendor for a privately arranged romantic dinner or special family meal. Each entree is prepared with spirit from the old country whilst bursting with flavor from fresh ingredients. Menu options range from Indian – Avadhi, Hyderabadi, Gujarati & Rajasthani to International – Italian, Mexican, Oriental and Lebanese to name a few.

: Opposite Shopping Arcade
: Multi Cuisine
: 19:00 - 23:00 hours

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Our Guests Say

My brother and sister in law had come there on 9 th May. (Kamlesh Shah – Shilpa Shah) This is really to acknowledge you as they enjoyed a lot. They were appreciating the service and food at your resort. The cake was delicious.

Thanks a ton as they came back with lots of memorable moments. Now I am very much eager to visit Madhubhan resort.

Good bye and have a nice day.

Nimisha Shah